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Welcome Back!

Welcome back for the 2020 season. Also welcome to all of our new players. We hope you all enjoy this very unusual season. Here bit of information inane you missed the email.


With the delayed start to the 2020 season not everyone has yet registered to play. If this is you, please do so as soon as possible. We need to have all players registered before we begin training. HV have offered slightly reduced fees due to the impact on this season. Those that have already paid their fees, HV will be in contact soon regarding them.


NWL are going to use TEAMAPP as our major way of communicating with members this year. TEAMAPP is a mobile app available on all platforms. Communications will pop up into your app, you can advise availability and training schedules can be shared with automatic alerts.


Everyone is aware of the impact this has had on the hockey season. HV have put into place strict guidelines that must be adhered to. They are attached at the end of this newsletter in full, but guidelines are:

  • Washing your hands before entering the grounds.

  • Do Not share any equipment where possible.

  • Training at the moment is in groups of 20 plus coaches.

  • If you are feeling unwell at all please stay away, this includes having a little sniffle. We have to be vigilant for all players, coaches and their families.

NWL are very grateful to have Anna McLean as our registered COVID Compliance Officer, as well as a number of other people training in the COVID Compliance requirements. If you have any questions (after reading guidelines), please yell out.

Anyone not complying with the requirements puts the whole club’s training in jeopardy.

Season 2020

HV have in place 2 possible scenarios regarding this season. It could follow a 3 month season or a 2 month season potentially commencing in mid-July. The season may possibly go through until the end of October. We hope that everyone will be able to return to play this season but understand if you are reluctant due to health reasons or due to the costs. Please keep in contact with your coaches and let them know if you are not able to play this year or will struggle with costs.


Seniors commenced on the 9th of June and Juniors will be commencing shortly.

If you need any additional information please contact

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